We are always proud to tell our customers that the products we produce are all made in Canada. Not only does it allow us to be able to enhance our products more quickly and efficiently, it produces many jobs for hard working Canadians. With the business you give us, we are able to continually provide jobs and in return our products help you in ways that break down boundaries that once were in place. Its a “win win” and that just further solidifies to us to always make products closer to home. From the very beginning we started with the design and assembly of our products done right in Canada and that process has never changed. We are so humble to know that we can help create jobs for fellow Canadian’s while also providing wheelchairs that help you. Through that we want to thank you for supporting companies like us who believe in local work rather than outsourcing and allowing us to say Power Plus Mobility creates products Made in Canada!

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Our Promise

With the assembly of our products done in Canada, and the years of experience through the interaction with our customers, we continually learn new ways to make their lives better. Every product created, has a promise to deliver the greatest possible experience and since our products are manufactured near our consumers, we use that feedback to quickly fix any problems so that our innovations are as beneficial to those in need of them as promised. Our customers are always kept in mind as we continually build new or reinvented products, and being closer to them allows us to assist and be able to determine their exact needs.

Our Mission

Established in December 2002 located in Ontario, Canada; Power Plus Mobility strives to further enhance the condition of life for all mobility challenged individuals by always making the customer our first priority. We continuously aspire to manufacture and distribute improved innovative mobility products and seating systems. Promoting whatever you desire and intended use may be, whether it’s for an active lifestyle or clinical care. We promise to provide our clients with the best possible experience because at Power Plus Mobility, we ensure our products will truly move you.

Our Ethic's

Without our customers, Power Plus Mobility wouldn’t be what it is. Our customers influence us to be the best that we can be and with their needs we always want to be there to fulfill them. We always aim to provide services that will leave a good impression on those who count on us most and those wanting to or those working with us. Our company is a community that strives on the duty to assemble and create everything with a reason in mind, our customers whom we as Power Plus Mobility commit ourselves to. Our motto; our products will truly move you, is one way for us to show you the ambition we set everyday for our customers.