Due to the experience at Power Plus Mobility, we are able to create innovative products that are highlighted in our Manual line, that promise to be effective and capable, standing up to the test of time.


Magic Plus

Power Plus Mobility’s newly ADP certified Magic Plus is one of our newest manual wheelchairs. Designed with a touch of magic and an aluminum lightweight composition, this accessible model will be useful for customers for everyday use. We saw problems that many of our customers were experiencing from products on the market and came up with this solution, promised to out perform the competition. Add a little magic to your life and order today.



Now ADP approved, Power Plus Mobility’s Glyder is structured by a lightweight aluminum frame and cross brace. Horizontally and vertically versatile, Glyder is one of our newest wheelchairs, designed and constructed with accessibility and maximum mobility in any situation. Possessing a variety of customizable options, Gyler is capable of any situation for any individual.


Voyager Plus

ADP approved, the Voyager Plus by Power Plus Mobility was built in mind to withstand strenuous circumstances. Structured with a lightweight chromoly frame and cross braces, it can be challenged with the reality of anyone’s busy life in a reliable form. The Voyager Plus will assuringly provide one with the greatest possible experience, while efficiently and effectively performing to the maximum of its capability.



One of our most recognized products in this line, Power Plus Mobility’s STP is designed for adjustment and maneuverability. With comfort a being another major point in this design, our STP will be your choice in manual wheelchairs. We promise a product the will exceed your expectations with all requirements and necessities for a wheelchair like this being met and even exceeding that.



Our wheelchair EXTREME lives up to its name. Excelling the boundaries of what you would find in a wheelchair, the EXTREME is in a category all by itself. When Power Plus Mobility first began the process of creating EXTREME, it was definite that this product would deliver an extraordinary result to the customer.