Power Plus Mobility started with the sole intention to provide wheelchairs that could benefit users in ways that others could not. From ideas and blueprints to wheelchairs that have withstood the test of time and are still offered today. Power Plus Mobility’s wheelchair lineup has grown to adopt so many diverse wheelchairs that continually work to achieve to be easily implemented into our users lifestyle instantly. The hard work and years of experience is highlighted in the detail of every wheelchair at Power Plus Mobility. We aspire each day to constantly move you. Check them out today!

Noticing the lack of quality seating offered by competitors and saw areas of improvement in our own products Power Plus Mobility started from scratch. ¬†Performing research into creating products that will last and provide the support and comfort needed for users. Our lineup of seating includes cushions, backs, and headrest. Each were handpicked from a list of concepts because they excel in their categories and we’re confident each user will find a perfect fit in our lineup. Crafted by experienced individuals, we are so proud to showcase these amazing items.

A new addition, these accessories help customize our wheelchairs to cater to individuals better than before. Created for custom fits was a goal we believe we achieved. Handpicked from a list of brainstormed concepts because they excel in their categories allowing us to deliver only the best to our customers. Each accessory is crafted with quality materials, built to last and withstand everyday use, while being created from individuals who have the best intentions and experience. Power Plus Mobility to proud to showcase our accessories lineup and hope you enjoy it just as much as we had making them.