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    Super Tilt Plus (STP) Support files

    Power Plus Mobility Inc. is a proud Canadian wheelchair company whose sole mission is to provide their dealers and customers with the best support and products that not only provide comfort, but mobility with ease. Customer satisfaction is what drives us to continue providing the best wheelchairs in the market. The needs and requirements of our clientele are important to us.

    We provide the best custom wheelchairs that meet all the specifications of our clientele. A client may verbally express their concerns or even scribble a drawing of what they want, we’ll make sure to provide them exactly that and better! Why settle for what’s already there when you can customize your own wheelchair?

    Be it a single order or a bulk order. Power Plus Mobility promises to cater.

    Wheelchair support from us to you.

    As mentioned before, our teams strive to provide our clientele with the best customer service. We have a wheelchair support guide to make it easier for our customers to choose the wheelchair best suited to them.

    Super Tilt Plus (STP) Support files

    The Super Tilt Plus is our most popular chair designed for suitable adjustments and comfort. The tilt system in this wheelchair enables users to change and allows them to distribute pressure through several directions.

    Extreme (EXT) Support files

    The Extreme is a dynamic tilt wheelchair. Its tilt system includes a feature to distribute pressure like the STP. It also has a front seat which remains the same way from 0 to 25 degrees.

    Voyager (VGP) Support files

    The VGP is a heavy-duty wheelchair built to bear several circumstances with the help of steel frames and cross braces. This wheelchair is highly customizable and greatly recommended for bariatric users.

    Magic Plus (MGP) Support files

    The MGP is a folding wheelchair that is light in nature and provides both comfort and smooth mobility.

    Glyder (GLY) Support files

    Similar to the MGP, the Glyder is a lightweight super accessible wheelchair with many customizable options.

    Horizon (HRZ) Support files

    The HRZ is a qualified functional commode wheelchair great for day-to-day use. It was designed for heavy-duty usage and with durable quality.

    Horizon Tilt (HRZ – T) Support files

    The Horizon Tilt is a very safe and effective wheelchair that comes with features different to a regular Horizon. The Horizon tilt provides the user with the ability to tilt and change positions without risk.